Varun Iyer

An adept developer.

About Me

I currently am an undergraduate student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst majoring in Computer Science. I am seeking a summer internship to explore machine learning and data science while applying skills developing high quality software acquired through challenging computer science courses, hackathons, and other computer programming endeavors. I have won awards at various hackathons in the past and am looking forward to future opportunities to further my success.

Project Experience

  • Firefox for Android: I contributed to the Firefox Android App via the Bugzilla platform. I developed patches for various bugs in the Android application interface. These bugs lay in the Add-on Manager (extension system), Audio/Video, Awesomescreen (Top Sites/Bookmarks/History), Data Providers (databases and content providers for profile data), Download Manager, Family Friendly Browsing, Firefox Accounts, Metrics, Plugins, Search Activity, and Theme/Visual Design.

    Skills Used: Android Java/XML, JavaScript
  • Intarity: an Android and web app that makes donating to charities easier and more effective by requesting each charity donate 80%+ of donations received to the cause itself. The app allows users to select from a variety of causes and can select the amount they want to donate to each one of them individually or split a total amount among all the causes. There may be 2-3 charities for each cause, so the money provided by the user for each cause will be split between the charities, thereby relieving the user of the charity selection process.

    Skills Used: Android Java/XML, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • SportsStreaming: A web application that enables users to chat as a game is livestreamed and provide reactions to the game. Users can select from a variety of sports including American Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball. Each sport has its own game streaming and separate window for reacting and chatting.

    Skills Used: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, NodeJS, Firebase
  • Synthesis: an Android app that adds the perfect background sound to enhance our users' own singing or playing of an instrument based on the detected tempo and dynamics of the song. With this app, we won 1st place in CU Hacks, a statewide student hackathon.

    Skills Used: Android Java/XML, Java MIDI analysis algorithm, Photoshop
  • Stop It: an Android and web app that allows high school students to anonymously report instances of bullying by sending a picture or a video of the scene, based on which, the app will determine the names of those involved and their role in the scene. Although we did not win an award we recieved many mentions for our app's creativity and impact from the judges.

    Skills Used: Android Java/XML, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, SQL
  • Stat That: an iOS and a web app that provides high school students various academic statistics such as their live class rank and grade expectancy graph. In addition, students will be able to find out how well they need to perform on the upcoming assignments in order to get their desired grade. We won the Best App Design Award in Teen Hacks with this app.

    Skills Used: Skills Used: CSS, Facebook Origami, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop

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